Centre Pivot Automation for Irrigation)

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Center-pivot irrigation systems are a simple way to make sure your crops stay hydrated. They come in many different designs and can be used anywhere that has an outlet. It works great in areas that need higher production. Learn more about it here.

What is a Centre Pivot Automation System?

 A centre pivot irrigation system is an overhead sprinkler that can cover large swaths of land with water from up to 50 feet in the air. The device moves back and forth across its arc or radius, pivoting around a central point at ground level which acts as the fulcrum point where all motion begins. The water will then go out from there and cover all 360 degrees of grass or crops with water as it moves back towards the base station where it starts again.

Centre Pivot Automation for Irrigation

Advantages of center pivot automation vs traditional manual irrigation

A center pivot is a large, rotating sprinkler system that creates a circular pattern of water droplets. Center pivots are automated and can run for hours at a time without any need for human intervention, while traditional manual irrigation systems rely on the owner to manually turn on and off each station depending on when they want their lawn watered. This makes traditional manual irrigation more labor intensive and time consuming to maintain.

Benefits to using center pivot automation for irrigation

A centre pivot irrigation system is the best way to reduce your water consumption area by as much as 50%. This can be done because it does not waste any of the water that goes through the sprinkler heads – it just recycles and sends out more concentrated streams of water onto one spot at a time. So instead of watering an entire field with large amounts of water, you can use less than half as much.

It’s basically like your lawn sprinkler on steroids. For many homeowners this type of irrigation has been proven to be more efficient than other systems because of its ability to provide even coverage across large areas at once, which can reduce watering time by up-to-80%.


Choose from Bauer or Pierce Equipment for Your Irrigation Needs

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Centre Pivot Automation for Irrigation

Both are known leaders in the irrigation industry because of their durable and reliable manufacturing parts that are durable and reliable. Aside from centre pivot automations systems, they also supply:

These are high-quality pumps designed specifically for an outdoor environment. These are equipped with features like corrosion resistant materials and a special type of epoxy coating which ensures they will withstand the harsh conditions of an outdoor environment. All are manufactured under strict quality standards so it will work perfectly no matter where they are used.

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