Warwick Pool Servicing and Maintenance

Giving the gift of clean water this year in Warwick? We offer peace-of-mind all year round so you can take that refreshing dip whenever your family needs it the most. Lister Irrigation offers one off cleans, regular maintenance and green pool recovery for any size or condition.

Clean the filter and pump

As a pool owner in Warwick, you know that your filter and pump are what keep the water clean. If they’re not cleaned often enough, then the pool will start to become cloudy or even green. The reason for this is because there’s debris in the water which has accumulated over time from swimmers who aren’t wearing their goggles on long enough after getting out of the pool. That is why It’s important to make sure that these parts are serviced regularly so that you can enjoy swimming without worrying about any messes.

Maintain the chemical balance of your pool

Maintaining the chemical balance of your pool in Warwick is essential for keeping it clean and safe to swim in.  Keep an eye on the water’s pH levels – if they’re too high, use acid to bring them down.

Do this by regularly testing the water and keeping track of pH levels, chlorine levels, and alkalinity to ensure that your pool is always in good condition. Let us help you add the necessary chemicals to ensure that your pool is always ready for a swim. Schedule an appointment with us.

pool servicing and maintenance warwick

Test water for contaminants like algae or bacteria

Test your pool water for contaminants by using a test kit. If you have algae, use algaecide to kill it off or if you have bacteria, scrub the walls and floor with chlorine or bleach. You may also consider adding a saltwater system to keep your pool in Warwick fresh and clean.

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Check for leaks in pipes or equipment around the pool’s perimeter

Pipes that are leaking around your pool can be a major pain. Not only do they increase the risk of water damage, but they also make it difficult to enjoy time in your pool.

Pipe leaks should be checked at least once per month by submerging an inspection flashlight into the water column where the pipe meets the surface (wherever this is). If bubbles form then you know that there’s a leak somewhere in that area. You’ll need to empty out the pool and remove any cover before proceeding with repairs.

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Replace worn-out parts like steps or tiles as needed

Maintaining your pool in Warwick can seem daunting, but it’s important to keep it in good condition so you and your family can enjoy it all summer long. Sometimes all you need to do is replace a few worn-out parts, like the steps or tiles. By doing this, you’ll save money and avoid waiting for a repair person to come do it for you.

These are just some of the pool servicing we can do at your pools and spas in Warwick. Should you need other services not listed above, feel free to call us at (07) 46618886.